Family 1st

You’ve most probably heard that a lot, maybe you, yourself, value family 1st.

Family in two words- Unconditional Love

It is affection without limitation, complete acceptance of the other party.

It is loving with no condition

You can truly unconditionally only love your closest family- parents and children. Beside the indifference, the generation gap or the mindset,  It is very hard not to love them as much as we do, which shows how beautiful that bond actually is. One created the other, whom should be eternally grateful for the best gift ever- life. That other, is your blood, it is you, passed to another generation for him/her to live a life you’ve dreamed for him/her, how not to love them?

To my father, mother and brother
You are the one that I look forward to. You are the three person in my life that I want to make the most proud of me. You are Family.

To my Extended family- uncles, aunts and cousins
Though we might not see each other very often, know that you have an important place in my heart and I hope it reciprocates. I look forward to seeing you every time we meet.

To my Friends
Sorry, but family 1st.

*This article excludes cases such as child abuse or similar*


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