Our Loch Ness Monster

Some people believe in the Loch Ness monster, most of us don’t. But all of us knows what it is.

To most, it’s a modern myth, others just talk about it. Some might even be scared of it back in 1933.

So why our Loch Ness monster?

In our daily life, we all have a loch ness monster, or at least I do. The loch ness monster are all of our problems, that are buried so deep in our minds that we choose to ignore it, we choose to make it a myth. It doesn’t exist.

5 years ago, I went to an optician in Malaysia who gave free consulting. Checked my eyes, and found out that I have a slight eyesight situation and needed correcting glasses to fix it. I went out his doors thinking- This is just bullshit, he’s just trying to get me to buy a pair of glasses. I chose to ignore it. Some time later, while I was talking to a friend, he told me that correcting glasses ruined his eyesight more than if he hadn’t use them. Instantly, my worries vanished! it became my myth, my Loch Ness monster. Whenever I can’t read something from faraway, whilst my friend can, I just rationalize it. The situation no longer exist.

After work today, I’m heading to an optician, one that I trust, and see whether need be.

I can probably think of a dozen of situations like this on the top of my mind.

So for that I say

It might or might not exist, but you got to face your Loch Ness monster. Don’t run from yourself.


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